Frequently asked questions about Covidpass.lv
What should I do, if it is impossible to complete the certification electronically?

From October 12, the form can only be filled in electronically.

Every traveler has access to a 48-hour window, during which, before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia, the form has to be filled-in and submitted electronically.

The certificate can also be filled in by a third party and several options can be used to transfer the information:

  • Send the received QR code by e-mail;
  • If the e-mail is not available, the person filling in the questionnaire can send the QR code ID (letter and number combination) to your mobile phone in a text message;
  • If it is not possible to receive a QR code, you can name personal data that are entered in the form; these can be verified via the covidpass.lv system.
Is it obligatory to fill in the certification each time, when the border of the Republic of Latvia is crossed?

Yes, the certificate must be completed each time for oneself, children and guardians, except in cases specifically provided for in Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 662.

Once every 30 days it is allowed to submit a form only for:

1. Citizens and permanent residents of the EU Member States who cross the Latvian land border with other EU countries on a daily basis:

    1.1. in connection with employment, if the border crossing is necessary for performing work or service duties and the person has a document certifying the fact of employment (including drivers conducting international freight or passenger transport within the EU land borders, presenting a document certifying the fact of employment);

    1.2. for a child supervision service or for the acquisition of formal education in person at the pre-school education level (by presenting a certificate issued by the service provider or the educational institution);

    1.3. for the acquisition of formal education in person at the level of primary, secondary and higher education, as well as in vocational education programs in the fields of art and culture, this also applies to persons accompanying a minor or adult learner with special needs (presenting a certificate issued by an educational institution).

2. Declared residents of Valka municipality and Valga parish who cross the Latvian land border with Estonia on a daily basis. If a resident of Valka municipality or Valga municipality returns from a country after which self-isolation is required, the person must comply with the requirements specified in Latvia.

How do I enter the address of the place of residence if I will be staying in several places in Latvia, for example in case of a business trip?

Enter the address of the first residence in the field provided, and the addresses of other residences and the time you will be staying in the "Notes" field. If the addresses are not known, the State Police must be notified of the change of the self-isolation address by writing an e-mail to pasts@vp.gov.lv.

What should I do, if the QR code is lost?

Use covidpass.lv functionality to receive QR code repeatedly, selecting the section “Send QR code repeatedly”.

How should I enter the address of residence?

The address of residence has to be entered as precisely as possible, considering that a free text field has to be filled in.

What if I don't find a field in the form to provide information about a specific situation?

There is a free-form "Notes" field in the form, where you can enter additional information about the special situation (for example, that you are going to a funeral, be an employee invited by LIAA, a guest artist, athlete, diplomat, etc.

If the form has not been completed before crossing the border and no one has checked it at the border, should it be completed afterwards?


Fill in the certificate as soon as possible! Administrative liability with a fine of 10 to 2000 euros is provided for non-presentation of the form.

What should I do if I have provided incorrect information when submitting the form?

Please fill out the form again!


Does the QR code have to be displayed in the image (so that it can be scanned) or is the combination of numbers and letters received sufficient? Can it be presented in a text message format?

If it is not possible to receive a QR code, you may also present a combination of numbers and letters received from the QR code or name personal data entered in the form. The responsible officials will find your confirmation in the Covidpass.lv system.

Why, after submitting the form, there is a statement that self-isolation must be observed, even though I have noted in the form that it is a business trip?

The statement on self-isolation states that self-isolation refers to periods outside of duties and responsibilities.


Outside of work, persons must observe self-isolation - they must not visit public places, wear a face mask, and other conditions specified in Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 360.

What to do if the questionnaire is filled in but the trip is canceled?

If the trip does not take place, then notify the State Police by writing to e-mail pasts@vp.gov.lv. This is necessary to make a note that the form is inactive.

How long my personal data is stored?

Personal data is deleted from the submitted certifications 30 days later.

What is a travel document?

A travel document is your passport or ID card, which is used by you for crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia.

What fine is imposed for failure to complete the electronic certification before crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia?

Currently, a fine up to 2,000 EUR is stipulated for non-completion of the certification.

What is covidpass.lv controller?

The controller of the Information System for the Control of Immigrant Records covidpass.lv is the Information Centre of the Ministry of Interior.

Where to seek asistance if technical problems arise in the process of filling in the form?

In case of technical problems, inform us (with a detailed description and screenshot) by e-mail: pd@ic.iem.gov.lv, but in urgent cases call +371 67219111.

The unified toll-free number 8345 will help you find answers to frequently asked questions about Covid-19.

SPKC information phone +371 67387661 if you have questions about Covid-19, prevention, self-isolation and quarantine.

Up-to-date information about Covid-19 can be obtained here: Covid19.gov.lv